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Tru Hair Discount: Get Up To 25% OFF On All Orders
Tru Hair Discount: Get Up To 25% OFF On All Orders
Tru Hair Coupon: Up To 20% OFF On Your Purchase
Tru Hair Coupon: Up To 20% OFF On Your Purchase
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Tru Hair Coupon Code Flat 10% Off On All Products June 2023
Tru Hair Offers Flat 17% Off On Hair Oil with Heater June 2023
Tru Hair Deals Organic Hair Products On All Users June 2023
Tru Hair Discount Code At Rs 239 Only On Hair Ayurveda Shampoo June 2023
Tru Hair Promo Code Customized Hair Products On All Users June 2023
Tru Hair Sale Up to 35% Off on Tru Hair June 2023

About Tru Hair

Tru Hair was founded in 2020 by a group of professionals and Ayurvedic doctors committed to spreading the word about Ayurveda and finding a solution to all hair problems. We saw the need to rekindle our forefathers' love of the time-honored Ayurvedic therapies in a world overrun by synthetically produced goods.

Tru Hair has the answers to your questions on how a 5,000-year-old practice can survive in the current world. To provide you with the most effective treatment options, our team of doctors and professionals has combined Ayurveda with cutting-edge technology to address any deficiencies in traditional therapies.

After earning a name for ourselves in the haircare market with our game-changing product, Tru Hair Oil, with the world's first Ayurvedic Oil Heater, we expanded into a full-fledged line of 16+ items that provide premium services for your Hair. Tru Hair solutions are packed with beneficial, natural substances that are both unusual and effective at treating existing issues and preventing future ones.

Rather than merely an archaic Indian medical practice, Ayurvedic science is a perennial naturopathic system of healthcare that has withstood the onslaught of modern science and alternative therapies. True Hair is committed to being chemical-free since the company wants to use Ayurveda to its fullest potential. This means no parabens, sulfates, LLP, or other nasties. In addition, we oppose any form of experimentation on animals.

At Tru Hair, we know it's important to get to the bottom of your hair issues rather than just treating the symptoms. We're also aware that the causes of people's hair issues vary widely. Because of this, our Ayurvedic doctor has devised a formula that helps you zero in on the best items for you based on factors such as your unique demographics, Hair and skin types, and daily routine. To find out what components will work best for your Hair, complete the Tru Hair 3-Factor Hair Analysis so that we can investigate the root of your issues.

Ayurveda promotes whole-person health by addressing physical, mental, and spiritual needs. In addition to prioritizing one's well-being, it can be immensely helpful to lend a hand to others less fortunate. Tru Hair works with several nonprofits, such as the Humanity Foundation of India, to expand people's social and financial horizons. By donating 5% of your total purchase price to underprivileged children, you can make hundreds of kids' wishes come true.