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Security Coupon

List of Top Latest Web Security Coupon Code, Offers, Discount Code & Promo for January 2023

What’s Website Security?

Website Security provides straightforward resources to ward against the most prevalent security risks. Remember that your website is the hub around which your entire company, brand, and all the wonderful things you’re providing to the world revolve. Therefore, it merits comprehensive safeguards, including protecting your company and its clients in the digital sphere.

Benefits of Website Security.

  • Assure visitors they will be safe using your service: Web Application Firewall (WAF) and SSL Certificate are included with Website Security services, so your site may offer HTTPS encryption. This reassures users that their personal information is secure when they share it with your site, as encryption prevents eavesdropping and other forms of data abuse.
  • To prevent harm to your site from threats like SQL injections and distributed denial of service (DDoS), our WAF is built to intercept and analyze incoming data and neutralize harmful code. In addition, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) also helps to prevent DDoS assaults by limiting access to the primary server hosting your website.
  • Prevent attacks and fix malware problems: Approach your website’s security in a proactive manner. For example, the malware scanner in Website Security routinely scans your site for harmful content. It notifies you if any is identified, while the firewall helps prevent attacks on your site.
  • The combination of increased speed and encrypted data improves a website’s search engine rankings: Google gives greater weight to SSL-protected encrypted sites and pushes them higher in search rankings than sites without, which might help your business gain exposure to new prospective clients. In addition, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) not only safeguards your site from DDoS attacks but also speeds it up by as much as 50 per cent by distributing it over several servers strategically across the world.
  • Secure site backup with one-click restore: Automated, daily backups** of your website are included in the Premium and Advanced plans, so you never have to worry about losing any of your data again. Even if your website is hacked or otherwise damaged, you may easily restore it to its pre-attack state with a single mouse click.