Apps and Tools We Use

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Hardware UsedBetter system boosts productivity

We use custom-built computers with similar specs to a MSI Katana GF76, on top of that we use Cosmic Byte Keyboards & Mouse with a BenQ Pd3200U monitor.

Personally, I use My 11-inch iPad Air works splendidly with the Apple Magic Keyboard, so I can take notes and organise my thoughts everywhere I go with both devices. In addition to being a fantastic tool for planning and taking notes, the Apple Pencil is also a superb tool for drawing and sketching. The Apple Pencil comes in handy when I need to draw visual aids for my blog posts.

Both the iPhone and the AirPods Pro have been wonderful additions to my Apple environment.


Software and Apps UsedRight tools enhances results

Quill bot: For writing and editing needs.
Invoice Crowd: For creating invoices & bills.
Canva Pro: For resizing and finding creative images & videos.
Invideo: For creating short videos.
Google Docs & Spreadsheet: For organizing & writing content.
Grammarly Pro: For better content delivery & grammar correction.

WordPress PluginRank better and overall optimization

Dynamic Month & Year into Posts: To show auto-updating month, year and dates in content and meta.
WP Rocket: For webiste performance
Rank Math SEO Pro: for SEO. Better than Yoast. Better than anything else.
Code Snippets: for useful on-need PHP functions and content shortcodes.